Medical Marijuana in Louisiana

Did you know that Medical Marijuana is coming to Louisiana? Are you a candidate for Medical Marijuana? Let us help you stay informed!


What You Need To Know

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    There are 9 dispensaries licensed for operation in the state of Louisiana
    The Louisiana Pharmacy Board has issued nine permits to companies that will operate the state's first medical marijuana pharmacies. The 17-member board is mandated by state law to oversee the marijuana dispensaries. One pharmacy will operate in each of the nine regions of the state established by the Louisiana Department of Health.
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    Medical marijuana will not be available in any form that can be smoked
    Louisiana law prohibits marijuana from being sold in any form that can be smoked. The forms sold at state-permitted pharmacies will include pills, topical creams and oils and can only be dispensed to patients with a doctor's recommendation form.
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    Medical marijuana is only available with a recommendation from a licensed doctor
    Only a handful of doctors have become licensed to recommend medical marijuana to patients in Louisiana. Additionally, limitations include just 10 treatable medical conditions. Doctors will issue “recommendations” as opposed to prescriptions, an effort to protect physicians from putting their medical licenses in jeopardy because marijuana remains illegal under federal law.
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    Medical marijuana will only be recommended for certain conditions
    SB 143, Louisiana’s original medical marijuana bill, authorized treatment for the following conditions: Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Wasting Syndrome/Cachexia, Seizure Disorders, Epilepsy, Spasticity, Mutiple Sclerosis, Muscular Distrophy, Crohn's Disease. In 2018, two more bills passed making more diagnoses eligible, including Autism Spectrum with certain circumstances, Chronic Pain, PTSD, Severe Muscle Spasms, Parkinson's Disease, and Glaucoma.
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    Why is is called a recommendation?
    A controlled substance under federal guidelines, marijuana is considered a Schedule I drug, making it technically illegal under federal law. Thus far, 29 states have legalized marijuana for medicinal use and nine states have legalized it for recreational use. In states where marijuana is legal, doctors are technically not allowed to "prescribe" it since it is a controlled substance. They are, however, allowed to "recommend" it. 

Become a Medical Marijuana Patient

To become a patient in Louisiana, you must follow certain steps and meet particular requirements for eligibility.

Louisiana Medical Marijuana Resident

You must be a resident of Louisiana to be eligible for medical marijuana in Louisiana. Be sure you have a valid state ID.

Louisiana Medical Marijuana Conditions

You must suffer from one of the  conditions that are authorized for treatment with medical marijuana in Louisiana.

Louisiana Medical Marijuana Doctor Recommendations

You must obtain a recommendation from a medical marijuana-certified doctor in the state of Louisiana.


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